Useful Information

Test Nerves

Its natural to feel nervous before any test driving included. Therefore, its very important that you are ready to take a driving test. The key to alleviating test nerves is good teaching, good preparation, confidence and mock tests. We will only put candidates forward for a driving test if they are ready and capable of passing. Our first time pass rate is over 90% which is nearly twice the national average. Let us prepare you to drive safely for life which will enable you top pass your test with ease.

How to get started

Hazard Perception

The hazard perception consists of 14 video clips each about a minute long. Each clip show driving situations involving other road users and is shot from a car drivers point of view. As each clip plays a hazard, you identify the hazard by right/left clicking on the mouse button, The earlier you identify the correct hazard or hazards the more you score. The score goes from zero to five points.

Theory Test

You can practice your theory test online, we have official DSA theory questions . The DSA theory test consist of 50 multiple choice questions that are taken from a bank of 1000 DSA theory test questions all based on the highway code and safety matters. The questions will include a case study – a scenario or short story, on which 5 questions will be based. The case study will involve a real life situation that a driver could face whilst driving and aims to test your understanding of road safety issues.

Driving test

Let us help you pass your driving test with ease and confidence, We will teach you to drive safely for life. Learning to drive and pass the UK driving test exists primarily as a road safety measure. It is designed to ensure all drivers can drive safely and unaccompanied. Passing the driving test is difficult and can be a drawn-out affair, therefore it is vital you make the right choice when seeking a driving school. You can rest assured The Driving Clinic Driving School is the right choice.

Eco driving

Eco driving is a way of driving that reduces fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and accident rates. It’s a style of driving suited to modern engine technology; smart, smooth and safe driving techniques that lead to average fuel savings of 5-10%.