TDC offers learning resources for all drivers in the UK at very competitive prices. Theory test questions & hazard perception can all be downloaded for free onto our webpage for learners to practise.

The Official DSA Guide to Driving: the essential skills

This must-have driving manual has long been recognised as an essential reference guide for every motorist and is packed full of driving advice for learners, experienced motorists and instructors. Many of the deaths and injuries that occur on UK roads every day might be prevented if we improve standards of driving and our driving technique. This comprehensive guide will provide you with everything you need to know to help you learn and maintain safe driving skills and stay safe on the road. This latest edition has been updated to take account of changes in legislation, roads, vehicles, driving techniques and procedures, and also contains new content to further expand on the latest edition of The Official Highway Code. ‘The Official DSA Guide to Driving – the essential skills’, together with ‘The Official Highway Code’ and ‘Know Your Traffic Signs’, are the books from which the learner car driver and driving instructor theory test questions are taken; the official source materials. It is strongly recommended that you study from these source materials, as well as products containing the theory test questions themselves, to prepare fully for your tests.

The Official Highway Code by Department for Transport, Driving Standards Agency

Essential reading for all road-users in England, Scotland and Wales. This updated edition of the only official Highway Code contains the very latest rules of the road. Many of these rules are legal requirements and must be adhered to in order to avoid penalty – fines, penalty points, disqualification or even prison. All road users need to be aware of the new rules. The rules also include a reference to the legislation that creates the offence. The Official Highway Code reflects the most up-to-date legislation that road-users must adhere to, advice on road safety, and best practice.

The Complete Learner Driver Kit (PC)

Everything a learner driver needs to pass the Theory, Hazard Perception and Practical Driving Tests. All 3 tests in one – plus much more!
Includes the UK’s number one best-selling ‘Driving Test Success: All Tests 2008/09’, ‘Driving Test Success: Practical Simulator’, Highway Code and L Plates.
Highway Code: Printed edition of the most up to date version of the only Official Highway Code, containing the very latest rules for all road users.
L Plates: A pair of magnetic L plates!

Know Your Traffic Signs

This is a new fully updated guide to traffic signs (last edition published 1995). This handy reference title illustrates and explains the vast majority of traffic signs that a road user is likely to encounter.A thorough knowledge of all traffic signs is essential for all road users, not just new drivers or riders, making this the ideal companion to ensure your knowledge is up-to-date. Although The Official Highway Code contains most of the commonly used road signs which are prescribed by the Traffic Signs Regulations, it does not give a comprehensive explanation of our signing system. This is therefore a perfect complimentary title to The Official Highway Code.The last edition was in published 1995. It is a handy reference guide. It illustrates and explains the vast majority of traffic signs. It is suitable for all road users not just learner/new riders and drivers.

The Official Guide to Learning to Drive (Driving Skills)

The only official guide which explains the standards required to pass today’s practical driving test. Most people fail their driving test because they are not prepared. This product will help the learner and the person that pays for driving lessons by explaining the standard required for each key skill examined within the driving test. The aim is to make sure that the learner is capable of driving safely and confidently, without prompting from an instructor before they take their test.

The Official DSA Guide to Learning to Ride 2005

The only official guide which explains the standards required to complete the CBT course and pass today’s practical motorcycle test. Good preparation will make it more likely you will pass first time while also improving your skills for the future. Updated for 2005, this official DSA guide includes: information on all five modules covered in the compulsory basic training course; the practical test syllabus and an explanation of the standard you need to reach to pass the test; explains what the examiner is looking for during your test; an expert insight into the practical test from the Driving Standards Agency – the people who set the tests; and supersedes ISBN 011552519X – “Official Motorcycling: CBT, Theory and Practical Tests”.

Edicational Videos

Under the bonnet lesson (mandatory and advisory checks)

Headlights and tail lights lesson (mandatory checks)

Tyres safety lesson (mandatory checks)

In car checks lesson (mandatory and advisory checks)

Use of car controls lesson (main and ancillaries

Cockpit drill lesson (D.S.S.S.M)

Moving off/stopping lesson (P.O.M & M.S.M craft)

Upshifts and downshifts – gears lesson (use of engine revs)

Junctions (M.S.P.S.L craft)