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Other Courses

Taxi Driver Training

Taxi Driver TrainingWe have years of experience teaching driving skills to full licence holders and professional drivers. We have the facilities, expertise and knowledge to teach professional drivers. The Taxi Test Assessment requires specialist training and Taxi drivers should not be expected to drive like good learners. We will assist all professional drivers develop their driving skills which will enable them to pass their Test. The Local Authority will not grant anew licence until the Taxi Test Assessment has been passed. It is in the interests of Taxi drivers to take professional instruction prior to taking the Test.

Off Road Training

Off Road TrainingTDC are able to offer pre-driver training experience for under 17’s. Minimum age is 14 and no provisional licence required. The training is carried out on private land away from the public highway and consists of vehicle familiarization, driver responsibilities—legal aspects. The learning modules are; cockpit drill, moving off/stopping, changing gears and reversing. The idea of the sessions are to allow learners to drive a dual controlled car under instruction from an ADI in a safe environment, and gain useful experience ready for when you take your driving lessons. Enrolling on this course puts you at the forefront of driving skills development and research has proven that you will most certainly save time and money on your proper driving lessons.

Fleet Training

Honda JazzWe will create a package to develop your drivers. We will help your business comply with all the relevant legislation quickly and easily and reduce your business costs dramatically. We will protect your most valuable assets i.e your brand, staff and vehicles. We will give a valuable personal training to your employees. 65% of all accidents involves a company driven vehicle . Company car drivers are 40% more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident.Pass Plus

Pass Plus

Pass Plus is a great way for newly qualified drivers to gain extra experience needed for today’s roads and save money when insuring their car. Pass Plus round off newly qualified drivers so that they are better prepared as drivers, and attuned to particular skills of driving at night, in bad weather and on motorways.


The refresher course is planned by you for you. The refresher lessons will suit you if:

  • you’ve passed your test but haven’t driven much since.
  • You need to brush up your skills.
  • You lack confidence in a particular skill.
  • You want to get behind the wheel of a car after a long break.
  • You were involved in an accident either as a driver or a passenger.

It doesn’t really matter where you fit into the above scale. Whatever the situation is, we can help restore your confidence and develop your driving skills to be safe for life.